connect with me

Whether you’re interested in selling your business, partnering, investing, or joining my team, I want to connect with like-minded people. My businesses are centered around our core values and everyone that we work with embodies them too. Some of these values are:

Abundance mindset – The idea that there is success and opportunities for everyone. This involves encouraging everyone and no jealousy.

Growth mindset – The idea that everyone is capable of developing all talents, even if they don’t currently possess them. This includes an openness to new challenges and a willingness to learn.

Optimism – The ability to see the best in every situation. This includes being pleasant, positive, and bright.

Taking initiative – The ability to self-motivate and to be resourceful.

Radical candor – Open and honest communication is crucial. If you care about something a lot, you must communicate about it directly. If you have a criticism, you must voice it as it will lead to growth and improvement.

Integrity – Integrity means taking responsibility for your actions. This also includes being accountable.

Adding value – Everything is done with intention to bring us closer to our goals and to add more value to the situation.

Commitment to continued growth – Life is about growing, and remaining stagnant is not an option with us.

These values aren’t just words on a page; we use them to filter everything we do. We’re committed to working only with people we can consider family. We value high-quality people more than adding zeros to the bottom line.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s connect and see if there are any ways we can work together.