Work with me

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

We work hard, but it never feels like “work.”

Our team is structured around our core values:

Abundance mindset – The idea that there is success and opportunities for everyone. This involves encouraging everyone and no jealousy.

Growth mindset – The idea that everyone is capable of developing all talents, even if they don’t currently possess them. This includes an openness to new challenges and a willingness to learn.

Optimism – The ability to see the best in every situation. This includes being pleasant, positive, and bright.

Taking initiative – The ability to self-motivate and to be resourceful.

Radical candor – Open and honest communication is crucial. If you care about something a lot, you must communicate about it directly. If you have a criticism, you must voice it as it will lead to growth and improvement.

Integrity – Integrity means taking responsibility for your actions. This also includes being accountable.

Adding value – Everything is done with intention to bring us closer to our goals and to add more value to the situation.

Commitment to continued growth – Life is about growing, and remaining stagnant is not an option

We use these core values to lift each other up and help each other be the best that we can be, both on and off the job.

We believe that personal growth is one of the most important things, and that it is each individual’s duty to make their life count by adding as much value to the world as they can.

If you believe that too, then you’d be a great fit for our team. We’re always looking for A players that will help contribute to this incredible team.

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